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Restorative Dentistry in Irving

Damaged Teeth? Dental Pain? We Can Help!

It is very common for a person to have a chipped, cracked, decayed, or missing tooth at some point in their life, and they are especially common if someone has experienced a dental emergency. When your smile needs a little help to look and feel its best, OnCall Dental can provide comprehensive restorative care. With it, we can relieve your pain and rebuild your smile so it will look like nothing ever happened to it. If your teeth are in need of a little help or you need a skilled emergency dentist for urgent dental care, be sure to contact us today for an appointment.

Dental Crowns

Restorative Dentistry closeup of custom dental crownA dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that fits over the top of a damaged tooth and fully encapsulates it. They can be used to repair a tooth that has a large cavity, been broken in an accident, or simply needs to be enhanced aesthetically. They can be made of a variety of materials, but our practice prefers to use dental porcelain whenever we can because it better replicates both the strength and appearance of natural teeth.

Dental Bridges

Model of smile with fixed bridgeIf you have a missing tooth or even a few right in a row, a dental bridge can be used to replace them. A bridge consists of two dental crowns placed on either side of the gap in a person’s smile, and these are bonded to prosthetic teeth in order to close the space. They can be removable or fixed depending on a patient’s needs, and they can even be held in place with dental implants for added stability.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Closeup of teeth after fillingSmall cavities and slightly damaged teeth can usually be fixed with just a filling, which traditionally is made of a material called amalgam. Our practice prefers to use composite resin-based fillings because not only can the material be specially shaded to match a patient’s natural tooth color, but it also enables your dentist to preserve more tooth structure when placing the filling. In the end, you get a fully restored tooth that looks great and is built to last.

Root Canal Therapy

X-rays of tooth with root canal therapyWhen the innermost chamber of a tooth becomes infected either due to decay or an injury, it usually brings about the mother of all toothaches because this is where the tooth’s delicate nerve is located. To relieve this pain, we can perform a root canal to remove this infected tissue. Thanks to modern-day dental techniques that include local anesthesia, this often feared procedure is actually one of the best tools we have to eliminate dental discomfort and save teeth that would otherwise need to be removed.

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Tooth Extractions

Metal clasps holding extracted toothIn most situations, we’re able to save even the most damaged teeth, but sometimes, the best course of action may involve removing one. This may be the case if:

In any case, our team will use a gentle touch when it comes to your extraction so we can make sure that you’re comfortable during the entire procedure. Afterward, we can help you choose from a variety of replacements.

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